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love: the inability to put yourself before others


love: the self-perpetuating mechanism that enables us to travel into infinity


love is a self-instilled trait that has to become a part of a persons' nature, and when it is, it only ever grows stronger!


an example of love


a person's skill at table tennis is much better than the person she or he is playing


if a person knows she or he is better at table tennis than the person they are playing the player with more skills will get more enjoyment from the game by using her or his superior skills to bring out the best skills in the other person


it's surprising how quickly the game of the less skilled person improves, and in no time at all your partner is producing moves that make you stretch

(this example is an awake-time experience)


winning easily doesn't give the superior player as much satisfaction as a hard-won win would, whereas a game with players of equal skill, can, theoretically, go on forever


another example of love


a young divorced woman with three young children forgoes her preferences and marries a man she doesn't love to ensure her three children get the best possible chance in life




these mundane examples are the very stuff of the heavenly experience


it is acts of love that take us to heaven and it's an act of creative love that brings us back to earth