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it is clear that neither the oligarchs nor the financial structures

( the two main bodies of organised death-outcomes )

are going to repent ( to stop doing those things that are causing the majority of the deaths of the 10 000 pre pubescent persons dying each day. see ethical parameters )

the only way to avoid going down with them is...

the lover

( god )

is a facet of reality, permanent, eternal, of the beginningless and the endless

it is not possible for the lover to cease to exist

it follows that where there is a state of permanence impermanence is a purely abstract notion

a flight of fancy

as fanciful an idea as anything in any fairy tale

the lover has inter-acted with apeiron and has produced from it an environment that is, amongst other things, capable of sustaining endlessly increasing levels of pleasure

the first prerequisite to experiencing an endless qualitative state is, obviously, being

the 5-10 000 species of failed mammals, and the uncounted millions of non-mammals, all allowed themselves, by being spiritually lazy

( original sin )

to engage in death-outcome practises

death-outcome practises always lead to the abstract abomination which is murder

to commit murder is to break away from reality

the consequence of breaking away from reality is a predisposition to the loss of being man shaped

the compatibility/incompatibility aspect of the genetic system, whereby a man cannot make a dog pregnant or a woman cannot become pregnant by a dog, is obvious to everyone

before a man shaped being becomes incompatible with the man shaped beings shape

( a point in the devolutionary process from which there is no return )

a person will, first, become incompatible with the man shaped beings nature

when a person commits murder their conjugate position shifts from love/life to life/death

your first and overriding responsibility therefore is to avoid, as though your own life depends on it, which it does, taking the life of another person

especially, especially a child

this is the bigger picture

currently the four main ways people commit murder are...


violence: war, acts of terrorism etc.

there is no justification for violence unless your life is actually being threatened

and even then a violent defensive action should be no more than is necessary to stop the attack

and, if it is properly measured, will dissuade the attacker from doing so again


money: overspending

the worlds resources/wealth is limited

in terms of money it is currently about $10 000 per year which means were it to be distributed evenly, as the lover has arranged it, every child, woman and man would have approximately $200 per week

it is the capitalist/conservative-jewish/masonic philosophy/conspiracy of the manipulation of the worlds resources/wealth

( which suits the international oligarchs strategy )

that is the major underlying reason causing the majority of the 10 000 prepubescent deaths occurring daily

( aided and abetted by those of you who are, or desire to be, living on more than the world wage )

by allowing yourself to believe you are more valuable or consider what you are doing a justification for spending more than this " fair share " or " world wage " on yourself you have, in that consideration, actually made yourself less important than other people

it is this overspending by individuals and nations that is the main cause of the unnatural deaths of the 10 000 prepubescent persons dying each day

keeping to the " fair share " or " world wage "

( plus or minus 5-10% )

keeps you murder-free and conscience-clear

the distinction can be made between how much you earn and how much you spend on yourself


the car:

a fatally flawed outlook contains the notion that if you take someone's life when you didn't intend to then your not responsible

( moses; the old testament )

most, if not all, of the world's judicial systems think this way

this way of looking at life is nothing other than a reflection of contemporary mammal mans unevolved/devolved state and highlights the circumstance that far from being the pinnacle of sentience contemporary man is closer to the beasts of the field, both in time and character, than to the heavenly state and

the lover's character

this particular form of death outcome activity first made its appearance post sumerian-pre christian times via jehu the reckless

so called by the people of the time because he was the first to use a chariot in a habited area and in a reckless manner

( anything above walking pace is reckless )

which made death and injury inevitable

it is not until it comes to the car that people begin to compromise with their future

the thought of having to inconvenience themselves fills people with a sense of outrage or disquiet

it is also the last vestige of the experience of effortless accelerative motion for devolving beings

it is also a manifestation of original sin

( ethical laziness )

every time a person uses the car they are conditioning themselves to the circumstance that unnatural death is a natural consequence of life

an outlook that affects the genetic structure and, little by little, erodes a persons compatibility

this is the way most ordinary people are predisposing themselves to losing their man shaped status

the writer now knows better than to try and persuade you personally to desist from this particular form of murderous behaviour

it only takes a second or two to rob someone's child of their life


the taking of the life a child means that 1000's of people who would have existed in the millions of years ahead

( it can be seen that prepubescent murder is in fact mass murder )

will not, because of your actions, exist

simply because you couldn't be bothered to inconvenience yourself and live your life in a civilized way

( that didn't contain the possibility, which leads to the probability, which leads to the actuality of the abstract abomination that is murder )


the group/cult/clique mentality

christian, muslim, jew, oligarch, mason, hindu, sikh, nationalist, royalist etc.

when a person becomes part of a group, cult or clique it becomes an inevitability that they will put themselves before others

( the opposite of love )

this eventually culminates in unnatural-death-outcomes

you don't need a history lesson to inform you of the murders committed in the furtherance of the various groups, cults and cliques over the last 6000 years and that continues today

although overspending is the biggest child-killer more insidious is the group, cult, clique mentality

this was the only one of the ethical parameters the writer didn't have to adjust to and suggests those furthest away from being able to repent belong to one or more of the above groups, or others not cited


once a person has taken a life they are unable to say, not just for this lifetime, nor just until the end of the universe, but for the rest of eternity

" i have never taken anyone's life "

(talk about limiting your freedom of speech)

and a person can say " i have taken one persons life but have saved the life of onr hundred "

times 1 000 000 undulations...

" i have taken 1 000 000 peoples lives but have saved 100 000 000 "

times 100 000 000 undulations... " i have taken 100 000 000 people's lives but have saved..."

it is not coincidence that the writer never became the father to a child the mother of whom was living outside of these parameters

this is natural selection

generally speaking before a person commits murder they predispose themselves to the act by being prepared to

this is the pivotal point

in the light of this information are you still prepared to?

you see the problem

none of you out of parameters will bother to change yourselves

the oligarchs can't resist the lure of control

over spenders can't resist the " benefits " of excesses

car drivers can't resist the convenience of the car

and the violently disposed can't change

the slide into the past continues for most

circumstances and attitudes are so inverted it is now a matter of " heroic ethics " merely to live your lives in such a way that the consequences of your lifestyle does not produce death and the degradation leading to death of others

contemporary man is so steeped in death-outcome attitudes and philosophies that the changes needed to remedy the situation are too great to implement

the only way left open to you act individually

it means you are dependant on your descendants and they on you

when a person commits murder their genetic line " closes off " at that point

it is not sentiment or intellectual reasoning or good intentions that will secure you a future worth having

it is deeds and the outcome of those deeds that form your destiny

those of you who have the wisdom and courage to stand up and be counted and begin to live within these ethical parameters, and these parameters, it should be noted, are not the height of ethical living but the minimum ethical behaviour for this point of time of our evolution, and, through love, instil the ways of love in your children and encourage your children to do the same with their children and so on until the year 3000 will have laid the foundation for your descendants who will then be in the position to take on the next set of ethical parameters and, slowly but surely, the inter-undulatory push/pull mechanism of the ethical aspect of the genetic system will move you forward from where you are now to a point further on in time

( inter-undulationary analogous recurrence )

so that eventually

( the writer will formulate, over the next few decades, the number of undulations it is going to take for those who take the ethical path, to arrive at the year 3000 )

you will occupy that point in time your descendants of the year 3000 occupy

they in turn will move forward to a point further on in time

the majority of you will, i know, not bother yourselves and are slipping further back into the past with every passing undulation

to those who are brave enough and wise enough to make the right choice and join with love/life...

the path you have to learn to walk is extremely narrow but it is exceedingly long....

in theory a straight line crosses infinity

if so then infinity can be traversed

it is a long time-term outlook and it is a long time coming but it can be done and it is a forever goal and the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine

this page is also a declaration of association/disassociation

the writer is no longer prepared to associate with those who are living outside of these ethical parameters

page 57/58 was handed out in exeter high street in december 2003