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the wealth of the world divided by the population

the wealth of the world is $71 000 000 000 000

the population of the world is 7 100 000 000

every child, woman and man should be getting  7400 ($10 000) each year or 148 ($200) each week

a family of five should have a gross income of 750 ($1000) each week

currency convertor/calculator

the world wage or fair share is the understanding thatg that the ecosystem is solely for the purpose of enabling ethically orienting beings to arrive at an ethically oriented, numerically sophisticated, point of success

and that the ecosystem itself is a complex structuring and balancing of millions of factors

the ecosystem can provide the necessities to maintain the health and happiness for all people at any given point of time up to and including when the population reaches its maximum of 100 000 000 000 people not later than the year 3000

the differences in size between people means that food, energy requirements, clothes and other necessities can't be standardised

but most things can

one thing is undisputably clear... the worlds wealth/resources are limited

for one person to have more than another person means that someone else, somewhere else, has to go without by that amount

what's actually happening is that the ecosystem's capacity to provide for everyone is being ruptured by individuals and nations who are putting themselves before others

( the opposite of love )

it only took 100-200 self-centred men to bring about the 2008 financial collapse

it was the get-rich-at-other-peoples-expense mentality that predisposed the conditions for the breach of wealth distribution that caused the banking collapse

never mind that millions of lives would be adversely affected or that deaths would ensue as a result

what matters to the psychopaths

(those indifferent to the feelings of other people )

who permeate the financial strutcure, is that their needs are satisfied

it's the lives for money equation that has existed for thousands of years and takes hold through the group/cult/clique mentality

it could happen because of the more-money philosophy that most people hold and that governments encourage

in short...

it's death outcome assertions asserting themselves

when it is examined it will be found that there is a connection between those who find an unglamorous job unappealing, and/or the thought of exerting themselves, as in the case of manual labour, repulsive, with those who need amounts of wealth which nature cannot extend to all people

the problem is that indulgent spending goes on goods and activities that do not only not enhance life but quite the opposite, indulgent spending introduces goods and activities that produce unnatural death and the degradation-to-life-leading-to-death (military weapons, the car, drugs, illegal sex, betting, yachts, etc.) by channeling wealth away from the production of the basic necessities of life that will keep all man shaped beings happy and healthy; hence poverty and 20 000 children dying every day (people have to die to furnish indulgent lifestyle's)

further, the concept that competition is the driving force of progress exists in the minds of those whose feel for all people isn't properly developed or is degenerating

the writer remembers more than one person saying that war is necessary for progress

devolving beings really believe that war produces improvement

as it will come to be realized a love oriented motivation for improving or enhancing life is a vastly superior driving force for producing progress

it is thought that the conjugate positioning of love/life for this time contains a work/wealth ratio

until the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation is built

( it will probably be 200 years before they are all built )

today's injustices will continue albeit as a diminishing circumstance

take note generation 3000, those who refuse to implement the lover's will may find themselves occupying this point of time, or at least..., in the course of undulations without end