babies are born

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babies are born...

babies are born, as conceived, in a state of love, and every act, every gesture, every look, every expression, every attitude, every word, every laugh, every sound, every touch that does not possess love causes the baby to modify, and thereby detract from, her/his love

this outlook must mean that every baby experience's a massive Dissipation of love during the first few hours/days/weeks/months/years? of life and that the destructive aspects of personality and behaviour will persist and worsen until steps are taken to put things right


in a world where brash and bullish attitudes are the order of the day, it's difficult to convey the delicately balanced conjugate positioning of love/life... it's fragility, it's resilience, it's ability to occupy extremes, so easy to disrupt, so quick to spring back

the New habitation will bring an end to this devastatingly detrimental circumstance

and while we're there, what are you doing, no, not saying, what are you doing to get things moving


the expression "cry like a baby" exists because The nervous system in the newly-born is at its most sensitive at birth

as those attitudes and lifestyle practices that ensue from those outlooks that bring about the desensitising of an infant's nervous system are realised to be destructive (the writer's  mother told him he cried non-stop for six weeks after being circumcised) and are removed from our lifestyle the nervous system will not only stay intact but will have the environment through which we will become even more sensitive (we are evolving)

if you are really lucky (are happy, healthy and living within ethical parameters) and recur at a point in the not too distant future, you will find that, as a fully grown adult, a slight scratch will make you cry like a baby

a dried apple ring will help relieve the misery of teething (you're all going to be held to account for not helping the writer take the suffering out of the lives of our infants)


you will find that when you are cemented into evolution other people's babies are more important than your own, or, putting other people's babies before your own will cement you into the evolutionary process