ethical perfection

ethical perfection

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a few days ago the writer took the life of a living being

it was raining and windy and it was night

a few steps from the front door what felt and sounded like a piece of brittle plastic being crunched underfoot turned out to be a snail 

it got the writer thinking...

it's not possible for us to live without taking the lives of other living beings

it is not a mortal sin to kill a living being if it is not man-shaped*

the Lover, however, like the parents of a baby born with a terminal illness, is unable to stop loving the baby even though the love the parents want to give cannot be received in full measure by the baby

it is the nature of his love that he cannot put his life before the life of any other being

the lover never, ever, ever takes the life any living being for any reason whatsoever

this is the reason he won't be with us for five thousand million years

before he emerges, and i'm still very annoyed that you didn't act as you could/should have done twenty-five years ago which would have enabled me to present you with picture Pages 3000 and you would know exactly what he looked like as a mammal man-shaped being**, in five thousand million years time he will have exhausted every conceivable option to keep every living thing alive for as long as possible before the sun turns into a

Red Giant and makes it impossible for life to exist on earth

he is ethically perfect


*the snail is a snail because it chose, when it was a man-shaped being, to live a life which resulted in the death of other man-shaped beings

**although each new Class of being becomes endowed with new physical characteristics, which brings about a stronger bond between mother, father and child, his facial features remain the same from one class of man-shaped being to another

what picture Page 5 of picture pages 3000 would have shown, and what young girls in particular would have realised, is that the way the Lover looks, is also the way the young boy of her affections will look

the anticipation of being partnered with a male of such quality would have caused, in an instant, a young girl to embrace his way of living and loving

a style of life which only ever produces even more and greater feelings

feelings which transcend time and mortality

never mind it was beyond this lifetime

her feelings, which contain the timeless love borne of his love, would feed her soul, for she knows that the love she dream of will be hers

women more so than men, desire love and the thought of that love becoming a reality takes root in her soul and it propels her to make those changes needed to change our civilisation

alas, men are taking the decisions and love isn't as strong in men