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one-dimensionality exists but cannot be seen


it can only be imagined


for any given distance there exists an incalculably large number of Positions


the Paradox is that between each position there is another incalculably large number of positions and between each of those positions there is another incaculably large number of positions and so on


it is proposed that we think of Mass as being an infinitely divisive sequence


we will call it the mass-point

and will assign it as being our point of origin


because mass is defined as that which defines round we will call the Universe the three-dimensional Primordial mass-ball


it is assigned to a size of three hundred thousand kilometres or one raised to the thirty-ninth Power

(1 ^39) Planck Lengths - a thousand trillion trillion trillion


at the centre of the ball is a one-dimensional, incalculably small, position



"every position in space is part of a perpendicular line


although all the lines forming a new dimension are perpendicular to every point in the third dimension, they're not necessarily parallel to us


if enough of the lines are parallel in both dimensions in a given area it might create an opening to the fourth dimension"


(extract from little girl lost - The Twilight Zone; episode 69)


a point in geometry is a location


it has no size i.e. no width, no length and no depth


a point is shown by a dot


a line is defined as a sequence of points that extends infinitely in two directions


omg. "A 3D projection of a 16-cell performing a simple rotation." Basically, a 4-dimensional object (a demitesseract, whatever that is) rotating in 3