a taste of freedom


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a taste of freedom




usually the writer wakes up from dreams in a semi-sleepy state


this dream was the first that has jolted him wide awake


there was nothing, no images, feelings etc. that preceded it


there was a dark, featureless slumber then there was a white/blue-light/space which drew the conscious into it as it was being looked at


it took on depth and the depth began expanding in all directions of the 130 degree or so image (vision ?)


the attention became focused at the centre of the image as it began increasing in depth


the thought "the endless" occured


then, suddenly, things became dramatic


the image took on a new perspective... it's depth deepened in a smooth but fast way until the depth became a tangible quantity which caused the mind to baulk as the reality of endless depth diminished the individuals identity of self and forced it to withdraw as it realized it was experiencing something greater, so much, much greater than its ability to encompass


the dream lasted about twelve seconds, but people, you had better believe... it's going to take every minute of the evolutionary process to adjust to endlessness in a way that allows a continually-expanding state of mind to become part of our conscious


there have been two experiences that were notable for their sense of space/movement/freedom before this one


the first, another dream, as a child and the second, while fully conscious, is mentioned elsewhere at this web site


both of those had both wonder and appeal


both of those and this one, it is now realised, were specifically aimed at expanding the conscious state


it is the writer's delightful duty to pass on to yourselves one of the features of the heavenly state


this experience at the end of this dream was similar to the quantum shock


from "normal" self to a different mental state faster than our current mind processes' can wilfully perform


applying the roney analysis to this dream/vision leads to the conclusion that all of the desirable experiences from previous undulations are re-emerging as evolution takes place


also, what is new is the idea that the endless void of space can, subjectively, be turned into a colour-rich environment


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