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those attributes that define the spiritual and physical differences between women and men

was listening to the radio...


"they don't care what they eat"...


"they're not as clean"...


women were trying to put their finger on why women live longer than men


the statements above may or may not be true


there's a much simpler way of explaining it


woman are closer to the character of the lover than men


they're more loving


greater love means more life

 dinosaur women do not have breasts (or hair)


 the bonding between the infant and the mother isn't as strong and/or doesn't occur as quickly as it does with ourselves


 the characteristic's of personality are produced  in heaven through acts of love and manifest themselves as physical characteristics via evolution


 acts of love in heaven which brought about the physical differences between women and men were/are just that; a marked increase in the ability to love in heaven which manifests itself as a marked difference in physical attributes via evolution


the compulsion to bring more beings to heaven will be part of everyone's feelings in the fulness of time


 see also collective love