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cherub: a young angel


this visualisation presented itself when the writer asked a question about smoking cigarettes


he was taken aback when, for the first time, the Lover showed his sense of humour


cherub isn't a picture


it's a 3-5 second technicolour film sequence


no doubt it will become the most-viewed video in the history of the world





for too many people life is a deadly serious matter and the idea of a god who pokes fun at something which can have life-threatening consequences can be viewed in a poor light


we need to bear in mind that his capacity to suffer and our capacity to suffer are worlds apart e.g. we don't have a lot of sympathies when a baby cries because she/he is stopped from crawling wherever she or he wants to and besides, nobody forces people to start smoking in the first place


what would a massive physical injury to you or i is water off a ducks back for him




it's a pity that things didn't go as they could/should have gone back in 1990/1991/1992


the picture pages that are referred to as Picture pages 3000 would have been yours to assess and one, in particular, would have given you an insight and instilled in you a real and deep feeling of humility, of just how much he can/had to endure to make our existence possible


even those pictures are relatively easy going compared to the pain of the isolation of eternity past


the tone of mankind's mood over the next decade or two will determine whether this 2 to 3 second sequence is presented or not