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the corona virus


there was a thirty-six hour period two days ago when the writer had the symptoms (dizziness, dry cough)

using what knowledge that had been glistened from reading articles, using a natural approach and drawing from experience, the dizziness and dry cough had gone within thirty-six hours

before passing on the method the writer needs to be sure it was a the corona virus

the only way to be sure it was the virus is to take the Antibodies Test (antibodies testing; you know, that thing countries, other than britain, do because they think people are more important than money)

the sooner testing is made available to the general public, like it is in germany, the sooner we get on top of things

it is the reluctance by the banks to put money into something which doesn't make a profit that is causing the delay in getting protective clothing to hospitals and carers


vitamin d has proven to increase immunity to the virus

see Here and Here and Hereile tand Herew doeand Hered enand Here and Here and Here and Herem fr

take one-third of a teaspoon of olive oil per week with a cooked meal that has at least one seasonal green

Vegetableoes,  k

use liquid cod liver oil - best value Here

one-third of a teaspoon is the recommended amount for a person weighing sixty kilograms (nine-stone)

increase or decrease the amount according to weight

thirty kilogram (five stone) = one-sixth of a teaspoon

eighty-two kilogram (thirteen-stone) two-thirds of a teaspoon

seek guidance before giving to babies