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WordPress – free website for one year



Try it for free for 30 days

by far the best anti-virus programme this website has used


Mpc – free

audio/visual/photo player


Ublock Origin – free

blocks advertisements


Grammarly – Free

check your spelling and grammar one word or sentence or one page at a time


Handbrake – free

converts a video file into a different format and has the option to increase the quality


7-Zip – free

unzips zipped files


Realplayer – free or buy

downloads hundreds of videos at a time and converts them to audio-only if you don’t want the video

the programme this website uses


4K Downloader free or buy

downloads only the audio of a video


Qbittorrent free or buy

downloads films from the pirate bay, yify, etc.


if you don't have a website will help you set one up

24/7 chat means problems get solved in minutes


why would we buy something when we can get it for free?

because it is the spirit of the internet that we all add a little something to it

the goal is to make every bit of knowledge available to everyone

when we come across a free programme that gives us access to something that makes our lives a little richer or easier we want to show our gratitude

the people who feel the need to share useful knowledge do so to make the lives of people better

the experience of this website is that those who don’t ask for money are the genuine article

such people may have a discreet “donate” button somewhere on their website

bung them a fiver now and then

it will make us all a little richer