space dream evolution

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space-dream evolution is currently assigned with three distinct periods

the Dream begins


the Awake dream

there will be hundreds and thousands of recognisably distinct phases


space-time evolution is that time during the cycle of the Universe when Evolving beings continue orienting themselves to the character of the infinite

we can split evolution into  two categories


earthly evolution


off-earth evolution


it is currently thought that earthly evolution has nearly run its course and that when we have done that which is necessary (see Lead Article) we will begin off-earth or space-dream evolution


the actual time each individual spends during the cycle of the universe ingraining into themselves those traits necessary to expand endlessly depends on where they got to in the orientation process in the last Undulation

it must be the case that every individual or Soul Partnership is at a slightly different stage of the orientation process and with one raised to the One Hundredth Power years

(1 ^100) to work with, assessing where people are in the orientation process is way beyond the writer's understanding