100 000 000 000


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one hundred thousand million

(one raised to the eleventh Power [1 ^11] ) is...


the number of cells in the brain


the average number of stars in a galaxy


the number of years the galaxy as we see it now lasts for


the number of galaxies in the universe


the number of beings of First Generation


the number of individuals of Second Generation



the number of individuals the ecosystem can provide for and if we keep halving the number of years it takes for new classes of man-shaped beings to evolve, as was the case for ourselves and Dinosaur-Man, there is ample time for 100 000 000 000 Different Classes of man-shaped beings to evolve before the sun becomes too hostile for life


100 000 000 000


more than just coincidence?




the picture at the top is

1 000 000 people


if you can imagine another one hundred thousand pictures like that you have foreseen how many people there will be by the year 3000 ad