sacrificially creative love

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sacrificially-creative love

giving up anything and everything for others

the excellingly sublime and overwhelmingly creative act of Love/live

it is the third of the family of Four loves which brought, and brings, beings into existence

a being strives through eternity past for something worth having and then, when he has it, the first thing he does is give it all away

it is not possible to understand

sacrificially creative love and be selfish

 in 10x1^83 000 years or so the need to get more beings to heaven will override the desire to experience it and a new Undulation will begin

(love can be seen as the victim of its success)

compelling love first came into existence sometime between Picture page 2 and picture page 4

try to imagine the circumstances . . .

you have never done anything you’ve wanted to experience a second time and you’ve never had the experience of having anything to look forward to

all you've ever known is a reality that is completely indifferent to you and which dominated your every move

eventually, you’re in an environment that is expanding forever with an endless variety of things you can do and want to do, an endless number of times you can do them and, blow me down, you're rewarded with pleasure for doing it

something that good has to be shared

a yearning, over time-scales that can only be speculated about gnawed at his very being to share and compelled him to be inventive which led to sacrificial creativity

( try that hat on for size Zero)

love was born

people, there’s no point in trying to fight it

Love is thoroughly woven into the very fabric of our being

not because it is a nice thing to do, but because it is a necessary trait for endless motion

love/life cannot facilitate a broad brush application of Recurrence through Genetic theory until all life with the potential for endlessness is on a par

the first thing we’ve got to do is quell the anti-reality love-storm that is causing us to lose 10, 000 children every day

see Ethical parameters