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world wage or fair share


the wealth of the world divided by the population


the population of the world is almost seven and a half thousand million


the wealth of the world is eighty million million


we'll keep it simple and slightly overestimate the population


80 000 000 000 000 divided by 8 000 000 000 equals 10 000 dollars for each child, woman and man each year


which gives a family of five fifty thousand a year


which in turn works out at one thousand a week for a family of five


which in turn works out at two hundred per week for every child, woman and man


the world wage or fair share is based on the belief that the Ecosystem exists solely for the purpose of enabling Ethically orienting beings to arrive at a numerically sophisticated point of success and that the ecosystem itself is a complex balancing of millions upon millions of factors


the ecosystem can provide everything everyone needs to maintain their health and happiness at all times up to and including that time when the population reaches the maximum number of people the ecosystem can provide for (one hundred thousand million) by the year 3000 a.d.


the differences in size between people means that food, energy requirements, clothes and other necessities cannot be standardised


but most things can


one thing is indisputable, the world's resources are limited


for one person to have more than another person means that someone else, somewhere else, has to go without by that amount


what's actually happening that the ecosystem's capacity to provide for everyone is being ruptured by individuals and nations who are putting themselves before others (the opposite of love)


it only took one or two hundred self-centred men to bring about the 2008 financial collapse


it was the gert-rich-at-the-expense-of- others mentality which predisposed the conditions for the breach of wealth distribution which brought about the banking collapse in 2008


never mind that millions of lives would be adversely affected or that it would cause the deaths of people


what matters to the psychopaths (people indifferent to the feelings of others) who exist at all levels of the banking structure is that their needs are satisfied


it's the lives for money equation which has existed for thousands of years and takes hold through the group/cult/clique mentality


it could happen because of the more-money philosophy that people hold and governments encourage


in short, it's Death-outcome assertions asserting themselves


when it is examined it will be found that there is a connection between those who see an unglamorous job unappealing and/or the thought of exerting themselves through manual labour repulsive and those who need amounts of wealth which nature cannot extend to all people


the problem is that the indulgent spending goes on goods and services that do not enhance life but, quite the opposite, it introduces into our environment goods and services which produce Unnatural death and degradation-leading-to-death... military weapons, alcohol and other drugs, jewellery, betting, yachts, the car...


it is the channelling of wealth away from the production of the basic necessities of a lifestyle that will keep all man-shaped beings happy and healthy which is causing the deaths of eighteen thousand children every day


further, the concept that competition is the driving force of progress exists in the minds of those people whose feel for life isn't properly developed or is degenerating


the writer remembers more than one person saying that war is necessary for progress


devolving beings really believe that war produces improvement


as will come to be realised, a love-motivated drive for improving our conditions is a much greater driving force for bringing about progress


until The new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation is built, it will take about two hundred and fifty years before they are all built, today's injustices will continue, albeit, as a diminishing circumstance


take note Generation 3000, those who refuse to implement the Lover's will may well find themselves occupying this point of time in a future Undulation