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capital letters = link

red = video

green = audio

capital letters = link to another web page

Start page

the small letters after a word-link are the


when this website wants to bring your attention to a sentence or paragraph at another page it will use a sentence "locator" procedure

the sentence-locators are the small letters after the word with a capital letter

try it...

"how long does Heavenme elast for ?", little bobby asked

tap or click the word Heaven

when at the new page go to the the three dots (top-right of the browser) and left click them

a pop-up box with several options will appear

left-click the "find" option

a box will open

paste or type the "me e", into the find box and the find programme automatically goes to the sentence

another example

"your attention is being drawn to the fact that the animosity between the u.s. and the u.s.s.r. is a Shamc chwhich is being perpetrated to funnel money into other causes"