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picture pages


there are three sets of picture pages




picture pages that can be presented




personal picture pages




picture pages 3000




picture pages that can be presented




Greetings to the repentant


A transport ship


Easy isolation


Full bicep


Heavenly bodies


The first


The new habitation


picture pages that can be presented will give you an insight into the Lovers character


will show you what he has, and to some extent, does look like


will become conversational and contemplative material which will keep you going for life


easy isolation will be presented first


the presentation of picture pages will be a global event that will be seen live as they are being drawn


either everybody gets to see them or no one does




picture pages 3000


picture pages 3000 are for generation 3000 (the people who will be ling in the year 3000)














personal picture pages




I love you




Supernovae blues




Point of rejection




cherub is a real beaut


our god is the most playful being imaginable


in five thousand million years the loving fun will start in earnest, and this time it does not stop


this three-second movie encompasses his experiences of eternity past and his irreverence of our current concern about cigarettes


eighteen thousand children dying each day and you're getting sanctimonious about secondary cancer!


c'mon contemporary mammal-man, where's your sense of priorities