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our objective and the obstacles preventing it

our current objective is to begin the next step of Evolution

evolution is a never-ending thing

however, the greatest step while on earth is to implement conditions which enable us to do what we want to do without taking the life of other man-shaped beings

there are at least three ways we can achieve our objective

1: the New Habitation

2: inter-mingle with our man-shaped Dinosaur Kith and Kin (evolving) and eventually join them in their off-world lifestyle

see also The gathering place

3: the two things above happening at the same time



unbelievably, there are those who want to keep things as they are

obstacle 1

 the jewish/british financial conspiracy

Link 1 and Link 2

obstacle 2

the militarist's, Oligarch's and secret services

(mi5/6/cia/nsa/maj 12/ kgb/mosad)

the dominant cliques pushing the military option are the u.k. and its satellite countries - u.s.a. - israel - russia and its satellite cuntries

this website is not sure which clique sets the global agenda

Link 3 and Link 4

obstacle 3

the influence of the mainstream media

the media of the countries in obstacle 2 work in conjunction with each other when it comes to the global agenda

obstacle 4

the militarist's, oligarchs and secret services

there is also a "competitive" alliance between the u.s.s.r. and the u.k. which doesn't get mentioned very much

the "Great Game", set in motion in the mid-1800s, is still very much ongoing


britain is at the heart of things

the financial conspiracy has its headquarters in london (link 1 above)

the Oligarch's of russia holds sway over britain's oligarch's and, according to link 3, britain's secret services holds sway over the american secret service

the secret services control the flow of heroin, cocaine, cannabis... around the world and are responsible for illegal arms deals, people trafficking, assassinations...

countries that are not prepared to be coerced or "sell-out" are destabilised

by fermenting unrest and impoverishment via the mainstream media... armed intervention... financial sanctions, and popular uprisings... the gulf war, the arab spring... the libyan war, zimbabwe, venezuela, iran, iraq, hong kong etc. etc.

that russia brazenly commits assassinations in just about any country it wants tells you most of what you need to know

this website feels that the best way to overcome the obstacles is for the reader to get the information on this website to other people

the only way we will fail is if the reader keeps the information at this website to his or herself