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"if you haven't been shocked you have failed to understand Quantum mechanics"


niels bohr, regarded as the leading authority of quantum theory, uses this sentence to open his discourse of the subject in one of the earlier editions of the encyclopaedia britannica


it is absolutely essential that it is recognised that there is a world difference between understanding the words which are used to describe the phenomena associated with the mechanics of quantum theory and the understanding which is gained following the quantum shock as new neural pathways become active and enable the brain to gain insights into the abstract nature of the sub-atomic world


there's no mistaking the experience (screencast Here)


when it happens you will be aware of yourself being in an extremely mild but distinctly noticeable feeling of shock


there's nothing to worry about


it's as mild a feeling of shock a person can undergo


if it was any milder you wouldn't notice it at all


the original ideas and formulations at this website come directly from the understanding which follows the transition in thinking after being shocked


each and everyone of us has the ability to originate ideas and solutions to any problem we consider as needing resolving and as more of us make the transition the momentum builds


the power of quantum theory can't be appreciated until you're experiencing it


explore through discussion... Axiom 1,


Mathematical theory,




Planck's postulate until it happens

c'mon people, get shocked