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conspiracy: a collusion which results in a reduction in the quantity and/or quality of life

This thirty minute video proves, in the first ninety seconds, there is an ongoing world-wide conspiracy


i don't believe it

there are too many people using the underground, so they slash the number of services

in turn, it forces people to become even more crowded together

from the moment the idea to cut back on the number of trains was put forward there must have been dozens, if not hundreds of people, who knew about it

i do not believe that there wasn't a one of those people who didn't realise that the people who rely on the tube to get to work would have no option but to use the tube regardless of how crowded they became

in fact, if i had a destructive bent toward life and wanted to spread a contagious desease to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, i would suggest the london underground

it is no coincidence that new yorks' greatest death toll comes from an area (Nassau) where forty percent of the population travel by the tube

applying strategic military, political and financial strategems is the basis of the "special relationship" between britain and the u.s.a.


Self-Test Kits are good enough for germany and south korea (two countries with the lowest death rate per head of the population) but not good enough for britain

why not ?

the governments wants to introduce vaccinations

from the beginning of the outbreak, the experts said it will take eighteen months to two years to develop a vaccine

if a vaccine "suddenly" becomes available, you'll know you've got a conspiracy on your hands

and if you think world-wide conspiracies only exist in deluded minds... see Here and Here


the more unsafe you feel, the easier you are to control