ear, nose and throat

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ear, nose and throat

the only problem the writer has had with his ears is tinnitus

if the only cause of tinnitus is excessive wax in the ears then the universal cure is to remove the wax

there are at least three methods


extraction by water pulse


extraction by suction


cotton wool, olive oil and eye dropper

the writer has tried all three and they all work

using cotton wool, olive oil and an eye dropper...

put a minimum of five drops into your ear

fashion the cotton wool into a ball so that it fits snugly into your ear

the ball of cotton should be too big to go into the eardrum

it should feel firmly lodged

here comes a bit of magic...

there is a part of the ear called the tragus

after reading different entries four different purposes came to light

one said it was there to capture extra sounds

the other said, "it might just be an Embryological remnant  that has no demonstrable function at all"

you are asked to consider that you-know-who has, after exhausting every conceivable degradation to life, arrived at the point where the only changes he can produce are life-enhancing features to the man-shaped-beings anatomy

the tragus may be an add-on with the sole purpose of dealing with an excess of ear wax


when the olive oil is in your ear place your middle finger, the most sensitive of the fingertips, on the tragus and roll your fingertip in a counterclockwise massaging motion

you are doing wrong if there is any discomfort

sometimes a lot is soaked up by the cotton

other times there's barely a smudge

trial and error is the order of the day



in 2021 the writer used six grams of weed to make tea

had heard that weed, when boiled for a specific length of time, can be made into a drink that can clear blocked sinuses

the writer had blocked sinuses for years

the drink did the trick

not only did it clear the sinuses but from that time on the sinuses felt "refreshed" to a smaller or greater degree after a meal 

it was realised recently that some foods produce an extremely clear nasal passage while others don't have the same effect

an oily fish sandwich with lettuce and beetroot produces the clearest nasal sensation while beans on toast don't have the same effect

surely the sensation any food produces is a better yardstick for determining the value of the food than reading what is best

as this is being written the writer is breathing easily through the nose

he is going to make and eat an oily fish sandwich and report back...

twenty-five minutes later

it is confirmed

the sandwich produced moistness in the nasal passage and after a quick blow of the nose the sensation of the ease of breathing through the nose was noticeable

the throat

the number one Reason people go to see a doctor is to do with problems of the throat

with food and drink it is a simple matter of the feel of something going through the throat

there should be no noticeable sensation

take a swig of water at room temperature

there is no distinct sensation

take a teaspoonful of whiskey at room temperature and you'll get the point