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saw the news at a neighbour's house earlier


the jewish and british financiers are feeling the squeeze; really feeling it


they desperately need iran's resources to balance the books (maintain the banks profit margins)


it appears they haven't yet realised that international robbery-with-violence has gone out of fashion


will somebody please tell them the world has changed






it didn't take long for the monarch rip-off to fall out of the news


the cost of fuel for monarchs planes went up by fifty million pounds as a result of brexit


contingency plans for the collapse were being drawn up for more than a month before the collapse yet bookings for holidays were still being taken until the day of the collapse


the definition of theft is the dishonest appropriation of another person's property with the intention of permanently depriving them of the property (money)


there's a point in law here which gives people the chance to show just how predatory the money-minded are


this is a chance for you to give the financiers pause for thought and get them to curb, slow down or even stop ripping you off


if you to start a suit in this country you will have to bring in legal representation from another country (if it's in this country the Oligarchs will fix the judges and jury to get the result they want)


don't know if the court of Human Rights would hear the claim


if those people whose lives descended into chaos as a result of the monarch rip-off were told before the brexit vote it was a choice between staying in europe and having their holiday or not having a holiday they would have voted for a holiday


if you're too meek to say or do somehing, mr and mrs britain, as the country gets poorer get ready to be pissed on again and again and again and again and...




the bank raiders are at it again


ninety-nine out of a hundred people here in britain won't be aware of the sudden surge in the value of the pound over the last ten days


and people won't be able to make any sense at all of the fact that the value of stocks and shares went down when the value of the pound went up


the pound rose in value when it was signalled that interest rates would be rising


how can a rise in interest rates be any good for anyone?


well, it means that the initial surge of money that will flow into the bank's from the higher interest rates will put more money into the bank's coffers


that in turn means the banks will have more money to play around with


so the banks sold the shares they had in companies and used that money to buy pounds which were giving a bigger profit than their shares


the company's that lost their working capital, the result of their shares being sold, have now got to deal with a double whammy... loss of investment and higher interest rates


companies will now have to put a break on investment and expansion with a subsequent loss in jobs and smaller or delayed or reduced increases in wages


like the owner of BHS a little while ago


never mind about the ten thousand peolple who would lose their jobs


he got his hundred-million pound yacht and that's much more important


listen mr and mrs britain, you're nothing other than a means to an end from the british and jewish financiers point of view


you are expendable




the Lover, through his Terrible Love, has ensured that love/life is aligned to the character of Eternity... the quantity and quality of life must always be increasing


it is always going to be that way


we see that the Eurozone, along with japan and china, are, currently, the only major economic areas where the quality and quantity of life is increasing for the majority of people


this is happening pretty well exclusively in these areas


it is happening in these areas because the philosophy of the politicians, as a whole, hasn't got an "us and them" attitude or the




britain does have an

"us and them" outlook


britain used to be the wealthiest country in the world


we are currently the tenth poorest in europe


in the the next two decades britain will become the

"poor man" of europe


the majority of the people of britain will become less wealthy and less healthy


this will happen because britain has self-serving Devolving beings making the policies which form the lifestyle of the majority of the people


you will either recognise your future is in the balance, have to change and will, or you won't

see Ethical Parameters


blessed are those families who have two or more children and are happy and healthy and are living within ethical parameters




a dark-skinned Suicide Bomber kills more than twenty people


is the writer being too cynical to consider that the dark-skinned male who committed the act did so because the Oligarchs ordered it?


question; why would the oligarchs kill its their own subjects?


answer; to provoke feelings of revulsion towards dark-skinned people


this is the oligarchs playing the anti-immigrant card, again


the anti-immigrant card won them the brexit vote


this act of violence will win them the general election vote too


if this country stays in europe the oligarchs will lose control of this country


if you simply can't believe that the people who run this country would kill a couple of dozen people just to stay in control you are dangerously naive


they, the financiers, in collusion with the politicians, were prepared to sacrifice an entire generation of men in

World war 1


a couple dozen people here or there is of no consequence to them



britain is calling a snap general election


the reason? watch Here


five factions, in and out of parliament, don't want to leave europe


why? read Here


the result of the election will be determined by what makes the headline news on the t.v. and in the papers over the next couple of months


the time most people watch the news is six o'clock


the bbc has most of the viewers, 34%, itv is second, 13%


on tonight's news there were two people, both dark-skinned, who wanted to stay in europe and three light-skinned people who wanted to leave


we can now deduce that the Shadow government, links 1, 2 and 3 in the entry below this one, wants to leave europe


when the economics of the argument are in favour of staying in europe why does the shadow government want to leave?


the shadow government are devolving beings


devolving beings have an inside out-view of life


for them, life is not about love and happiness but being superior in wealth and war


europe doesn't see life like that



isis suspected of being behind the killing of five on westminster bridge


not a lot of people know this but isis sprung up from a cabbage patch about eight years ago


when are you lot going to muster the courage to say



someone came up with the idea of bringing them into existence


someone has to pay them


someone has to arm them


someone has to organise them


someone does the military and planning


someone comes up with new forms of terrorist attacks


so who are the someone's?


link 1


British and jewish financiers


link 2


British and russian oligarch's


link 3




wise up and speak up or go back to sleep until this time the next time around




up until the 28022017 it was thought that the war the trans-national Oligarchs are planning would be a conventional war between humans


it came as something of a shock to find out that the war being planned was not conventional nor was it just between humans


the writer continually underestimates the insidious nature of the mind of Devolving beings


we, as Evolved and Evolving beings, have to "get up to speed" as to what the oligarchs are planning


to be forewarned is to be forearmed


watch these three videos in the order they are numbered