the american election and the way it relates to covid

the evidence of fraud in the election: video below

also in the video: the Oligarch's are threatening to kill lawyers who speak out1' 31"

top virologist tells us, "covid is the greatest hoax ever"  video below

here it comes

forced vaccinations: video below

the two most poular media platforms in the english-speakiing world are twitter and facebook

both of them are under the control of the Oligarchs

switch to parler and break their grip

This Websites Home Page for Parler

shocking statistics

england has the seventh highest death rate of covid in the world

c'mon people, ask yourself, "if england is the best country in the world, as the t.v. is constantly telling us, how come so many people are dying ?"

our death toll is four times bigger than germanys' and they have twenty-three-million more people

what's it going to take to get you to realise something is seriously wrong in england ?


the lies and the truth

lie 1

the virus came from a bat

see Here 59 and Here 58

the entire covid-19 hoax is based on this lie

the lie was exposed by dr luc montagnier

dr luc montagnier won the nobel prize for isolating the aids virus

he is the world's leading virologist

he pointed out the covid-19 has traces of the aids virus

the aids virus cannot attach itself to a corona virus naturally

the only way an aids virus can become part of a corona virus is to attach it using molecular tools

to use molecular tools a laboratory is needed

proof-positive the covid-19 virus is man-made

lie 2

the virus "accidentally" escaped

no, the virus was deliberately spread into the population

see Infowars

lie 3

the coronavirus is so deadly the entire world has to be quarantined...

see Here 57

lie 4

there is no known cure

hundreds of doctors have treated hundreds of patients using vitamin c, vitamin d, hydroxychloroquine and querticen and every patient has recovered...

...and Here 55...and Here 54...and Here 53...and Here 51

remember, don't take the vaccine

the first vaccine won't have the destructive effect mentioned in Here 11

what the first vaccine will do is set a Legal Precedent which will empower the courts to force you take the next generation of vaccines

the next generation of vaccines are the ones which contain the life-changing bionanotechnology (Here 11)

if you don't take the 2nd generation of vaccines you will lose your job and/or you can be given a prison sentence

19082020there is enough information at this website for ninety-nine out of a hundred people to overcome the covid virus if they get it

there is also enough information on this page for people to ward off getting it in the first place

Quercetin is another treatment for covid-19 which is even better than hydroxychloroquine

see Here 48

take quercetin and vitamin c together

foods rich in quercetin

see Here 47 

buy vitamin c supplement 

see Here 46

foods rich in vitamin c 

see Here 45

the next man-made virus, due to be unleashed in a few months, can be defeated using quercetin and vitamin c together

quercetin is more of a preventative measure than a cure

start eating quercetin-rich foods as soon as possible and build up your immunity ready for the onslaught

don't become a GMO

don't take the vaccine

if only...

if only a hundred people like This One had come and stood by me twenty-eight years ago, we'd be living in a different england by now

see Here 44

hydroxychloroquine is now available to buy on line, or can be prescribed through your doctor

see Here 40 or Here 38

dosage... see Here 37

for hydroxychloriquine to be fully effective it needs to be taken with zinc

buy zinc  Here 36

foods rich in zinc... see Here 35

more doctors testify that all patients a tried and tested method of overcoming covid-19... see Here 34

09082020Man-shaped beings and the ethnicities

05082020three-hundred american doctors announce there is a one-hundred per cent survival rate when treated with hydroxychloroquine...see Here 31

the question is, why aren't english doctors speaking out ?

bear in mind, the people being exposed, jewish and british financiers, are the ones who are responsible for every major war over the last few centuries...see Here 29

to avoid being exposed, these mass murderers will create civil war to remove those who are exposing them...see Here 28

the first casualty in war is the truth

if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe Itu t

to get ordinary, trusting people to kill other people, it means being in control of the information on which they base their opinions...daily newspapers...t.v. etc.

Asmptomatic and asmptomatic transferrence

how the writer contracted covid-19

see Here 27

how the writer overcome covid-19

see Here 26

not once, in any of the one-hundred Daily Briefings, was it mentioned that vitamin d was proven to be effective in the treatment of the coronavirus

consequently, thousands of people died unnecessarily

25072020the profound "knock on" effects of the vaccine after it has re-written the genetic code

see Here 25 @ 2'50"

hasn't been tested properly

see Here 24 @6'54"

if it kills people, the company which made it isn't in any way responsible...

see Here 22 @ 7'51"

the use of technical jargon to hide words like cancer; there are parts of cancer cells which are used in the vaccine

see Here 21 @ 8'59"

professional's in the scientific community trying to alert you to the truth, are not allowed to speak via the Oligarch-controlled mainstream media

see Here 20 @ 10'00"

the changes to your body are permanent and will be passed on to  your chidren...

see Here 18 @ 19'45"


the mask law is a test that was concocted by the Oligarch's in the hope they can get us to police each other

as is mentioned elsewhere, it is simply a way of getting us to do the dirty work for them

sleeple, (people asleep to what's going on) who throw themselves wholeheartedly into doing the "dirty work" are ripe for the vaccine

chances are, they will steer their children into taking the vaccine as well

vaccinated children and their descendants will enter into an evolutionary cul-de-sac

see Here 17


you don't believe in conspiracy theories?

learn in ninety-seconds, the greatest conspiracy in history is still happening today... see Here 16

don't believe that billionaires and  top military personnel would condone or participate in the gang rape of minors ?

get it from the horse's mouth; one of the rothschilds...see Here 15


and it gets worse...see Here 14

16052020when the first baby is born laughing, it will make us all start laughing

that's one reason the lover is always smiling

(paraphrased from peter pan)

the "vaccine"

06072020the plan is to get us to take a vaccine

the vaccine has been "ready" for at least two years

in this country (england), fifteen-hundred people have been paid to test the vaccine

another ten-thousand is needed

from that number, there will be those who will, as with the covid-19 virus, be Asymptomatically Transferring it (have the disease and pass it on)

there are those among the Asymptomaticaly Transferring who will be tricked, coerced or induced, through money, or simply because they are Devolving Beings with an inclination to kill, to spread it into the population...see Here 12

the sleeple (people who are asleep to what's happening) who take the vaccine will have their genetic structure permanently changed

the vaccine was designed using bionanotechnology (alters your genetic structure at the atomic level) and will change your genetic structure

it will be the end of the natural you

see Here 11


the covid-19 "outbreak" can be seen as the first step of the final phase of a "plan" contrived by the Controlling Clique/s to discover how easily we can be controlled

22062020do you remember how the controlling-clique scared you into submission a few months ago?

see Here 9

people aren't dying from the coronavirus, people are being murdered with the coronavirus

see Here 8

full video...see Here 6

why is it that the british government isn't, as a matter of urgency, telling people to take vitamin d while in


read Here how childishly simple it is to overcome the virus

20062020all the "predictions" are saying there will be another "outbreak" this winter, and it will be even more serious than the one we've just had

bear in mind that december is the month we either strike a deal with the e.u. or we "crash out" of the e.u.

if we do crash out there will be real food shortages

it is suggested we stock up with at least a month's supply of essentials

most importantly, whatever you do, do not take the vaccine

the real reason for making you wear a mask is to get you into a frame of mind of submission and ready you for the vaccine

the vaccine was designed using bio-nanotechnology (alters your cells at an atomic level) and will change your genetic structure...see Here 4

wearing masks - see Here 1

other essential information...the Who's, Why's and Wherefores of the coronavirus