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from the beginning of the universe until it ends

(about a Googol of years)

the word undulation is used to express the universe because the Quons, which make up the universe, move like waves

this website uses Poincare's recurrence theorem to acquaint the reader with the notion that any and every person re-exists every time there is a big bang


you have a bag that contains a hundred dice

you tip the dice onto the floor and take a photograph

if we say it takes one minute to pick up the dice and put them back in the bag, what's the longest time there can be before you know you will get a picture of the dice arranged as they were in the first photograph?

the answer is a 3000 trillion trillion years

the point is it must recur sooner or later

it has been known for almost three decades that we become Mathematical entities of the euclidean geometric type* in the fullness of Time

*Euclidean geometry came from the intuitive understanding that space/reality is Flat

Linear form and motion enables Life to persist independent or outside or aside of Time

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