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theorem 2

to find the surface area of a Regular Triangle multiply one side of the triangle by itself and divide the answer by 2.3093

a theorem is a statement which can be demonstrated Mathematically

there are at least two types of theorems


Time theorems


eternal theorems

an example of an eternal theorem is...

the area of a regular triangle is found by multiplying any one of the sides of the triangle by itself and then divide the answer by 2.3093


10 centimetres times 10 centimetres equals 100 squared centimetres

(to square a number is to multiply it by itself )

100 squared centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 43.3 square centimetres

the example above is for a two-Dimensional triangle

it can be applied to

infinite dimensions...

10 centimetres multiplied by 10 centimetres multiplied by 3 equals 300  cubed centimetres

300 square centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 129.9 quadrupled centimetres

so in a square box that is 10 centimetres high and 10 centimetres deep and 10 centimetres wide you can put 129 boxes that are 1 centimetre high 1 centimetre deep and 1 centimetre wide inside

to see what a four dimensional box looks like see the first two objects below this writing)

ten centimetres multiplied by ten centimetres equals one hundred square centimetres

one hundred square centimetres multiplied by four equals four hundred square centimetres

four hundred square centimetres divided by 2.3093 equals 173.2 square centimetres

which means you can put one hundred and seventy three boxes that measure one centimetre by one centimetre by one centimetre in it

using the same formula for five dimensions it comes to 216.5 square centimetres

two hundred and sixteen boxes

note that there is an increase in the volume of space for each new dimension and that the increase is exponential

(gets larger at a faster rate)

which means there would be enough space in the millionth-dimension to fit in a million universes like ours!

(see also Calculus)

thinking about this exponential characteristic will give you a mind-blowing insight into the expansive, endless nature of Space

the above theorem is an eternal truth

it existed before god existed



 Bell's theorem of Interconnectedness

Poincares recurrence theorem


a four-dimensional cube, a three-dimensional triangle and a four-dimensional triangle