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the devil is dead

the devil is dead in the sense he cannot become more sophisticated than whatever the structure is that allows conciousness/thought to exist

until science can demonstrate what physical  structure is needed for conscousness to exist this entry can be considered fanciful

the devil was the first to die

the  devil died more  Undulations ago than this website is able to formulate

death is defined as the inability to form into a

man-shaped being


the thing that defines the devil is its natural tendency to end the life of man-shaped beings


the devil may still be alive in the form of a virus (PIC TOP OF PAGE) although it is currently thought the devil exists now as an inert Protein


the greatest killer in the history of mankind is the malaria virus

the malaria virus has ended the lives of more man-shaped beings

(500 000 000 +)

than all the wars, plagues and natural disasters put together

the fact that this virus is still taking the lives of so many man-shaped beings trillions of undulations after losing its man-shaped status will give you an insight into the death-outcome scenarios it brought into being when it was man-shaped


the number of man-shaped beings love/life will give rise to is endless

(see the Train)


love/life can do this now because the devil is dead and the devil will never again be able to stop love/life from continuing its function of One times one


love/life lives!




the picture at the top of this page shows a virus attacking a cell

read more about the murderous nature of viruses Here