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Greetings to the Repentant

also, see Last Call

to stop doing things that cause the death of others (see Ethical parameters)

there are those who are not fully able-bodied and are becoming aware of their situation

to those people... you may or may not have been presented with the information in the next sentence in undulations past

it can be established by gauging the reaction or response to the understanding that reality can only accommodate an increase in the quantity of life and that a person who seeks to increase the quantity, which consequentially, leads to the qualitative, of life for the whole, will discover that reality responds in kind


this is the place to tell the organisers of mass Murder that if you repent there is a minimum of one thousand years of quality life in future Undulations, every undulation

if you have committed murder and choose not to repent you already know your future... it's in history books and wildlife programmes

it's a continuing source of disbelief to the writer to see people taking the lives of others and are aware of where it's taking them but just can't bring themselves to do something about it (stop doing it)

don't you dare try to blame  The lover when in a future undulation, you realise you are past the point of no return

13th january 2009

it is the nature of things that everything a person brings into existence has to be experienced by themselves in the course of undulations without end

further, even if a person didn't commit the act of murder but in anywise supported the act, the trail of cause and effect will eventually lead back to them


a person didn't give the order for an army to go to war but sees the need for the other person's resources and supports those actions which result in the loss of life

and...a person sees the justification for the assassination of a person as it will result in fewer people dying if the person doesn't exist

and...a person didn't want to kill someone on the way to the shops but needs a car to live properly

and...people don't want children to die of starvation or from the lack of medicines but need copious amounts of money to live in a way which is appealing to themselves

the point that all people working within the Oligarch structure must ask themselves is, do i repent and retain my man-shaped status and experience those unnatural deaths (which will be finite) that were a consequence of what i have done, or do i say, "***f" it, and experience unnatural death endlessly

first as a man-shaped being and then in forms of life that are not man-shaped