the art of pleasure


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the art of pleasure


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pleasure is put into three categories




pituitary pleasure




the pleasure of x




the pleasure of laughter/smiling






pituitary pleasure


pituitary pleasure is considered to be the superior form of pleasure


when a person is in a certain frame of mind and thinking along certain lines (propitiously/magnanimously) the Pituitary gland releases chemicals into the brain and it produces a feeling exactly the same as the feeling accompanying ejaculation


the writer has experienced this twice


it doesn't leave you feeling drained and it can occur seconds later and seconds after that and seconds...


the quality of the deeds which follow this feeling become enhanced




the pleasure of x


notes 1


the practicing of the art of pleasure will probably take millenniums or, more likely, milliards to accomplish





x pleasure


the Details of the pleasure of x




smiling and laughing


a "beamer" smile












this pic doesn't catch the expression of the smile of

Cherub but it's the closest to it in a bing search













Why we feel pleasure when we smile and Laugh

the harder you laugh the greater the feeling of pleasure




there was this time when there were about eight of us in a room


at one point i was laughing so hard it made me lose my strength and i had to get on my hands and knees to stop myself from falling onto the floor and lying helplessly on my back


when on my knees, the laughing began interferring with my breathing and i had to crawl out of the room on my hands and knees when it felt i was going to pass out from hyper-ventilation


wonder what would have happened if i had