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time is the emission and absorption rates of

sub-atomic particles


the rate of emission and absorption for sub-atomic particles varies between

one raised to the minus forty-third power 

(10x1 ^-43 ) of a second

to one raised to the one- hundredth power

(10x1 83 000) years 

quons join and separate at a precise rate (multiples of a planck time)

our experience of time is the experiencing of substance

substance is thought to be mass which has been particalised

mass is considered to be an agglomeration of planck times (see the latest idea)

mass itself is thought to be round and is represented by the 3 of pi

earthly evolution is the means through which we attain our man-shape and eventually transmutate

currently, the average time our bodies can keep the quons in our cells is about seventy-five years

the length of time the cells can use quons to maintain themselves is increasing

in a million years the cells in our bodies will be able to maintain, repair and replace themselves for a million years!