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there is only one conspiracy, this is it



(see also Lead Article)

there is more than just one clique meddling in our lives

This is the longest-standing of them and this clique is, without doubt, responsible for more deaths than all the others put together

every one of these cliques produces a reduction in the quality and/or quantity of life


the controlling cliques are trans-national,

self-serving murderer's who are able to control the main events in our lives see Video

forget about the way the mainstream media uses the word oligarch


to be an oligarch you have to be able to...


give the order for a person with a high public profile to be assassinated

(princess diana, marilyn monroe, jfk ...)


know, or know someone who knows, how to turn an ordinary person into a Suicide Bomber...


know the banks are going to launder dirty money

(drug money, child/adult trafficking, weapons etc.) before they do it...


cause a war...


tell the newspapers what to put on their front pages...


tell the t.v. and radio stations what their lead stories will be...


The First Experience this website had of the oligarch's

Video 3


Video 4